Study Coordinator                                                                               Gainesville, Florida
Supervisor: Joseph McNamara, Ph.D.
Division of Medical Psychology Research Team

  • Led a team of 31 research assistants with consenting, data management, and over-the-phone contact with subjects for a study assessing “risky behaviors” in a college-aged population
  • Developed database for study involving over 500 participants
  • Prepared manuscripts for submission to research journals
  • Managed team list-serve in order to schedule research assistants for therapy sessions

Research Assistant                                                                              Gainesville, Florida
Supervisor: Brian Iwata, Ph.D.
Applied Behavior Analysis Laboratory

  • Spearheaded study assessing the elimination of position bias
  • Implemented behavioral interventions for individuals with various developmental disabilities
  • Collected data for studies assessing vicarious reinforcement, side bias and reinforcement sampling

Co-Instructor                                                                                          Gainesville, Florida
Supervisor: Carolynn Komanksi, M.S.
SLS1102 (Enhancing The Freshman Experience)

  • Educated, advised, and a served as a role model to 25 first year, first-generation students
  • Taught an introductory course alongside a staff member from the university of Florida
  • Created weekly lesson plans and coursework to help further students’ academic and personal development